Monday, March 30, 2009

It Slices, It Dices . . .

Cranked out this piece over the weekend. It's about Ron Popeil, the man who pioneered the infomercial and brought us such ground-breaking inventions as Spray-On Hair, the Pocket Fisherman, and the Showtime Rotisserie. My angle was that he kind of evolved the entrepreneurial method of sales from door to door to the wider-reaching medium of television. I'll get some feedback today, so we'll see what happens . . .


  1. Wow, interesting point of view man. It's such a tough one to pull off, but, I think you've done it with this piece. Great job! (I love Ron "But Wait, There's More!" Popeil)

  2. Dude, your Adobe Illustrator skills are scary...You should post some tuts.

  3. Duly noted Scott. That could be fun.